Femoral Hernia FAQ Detroit

Femoral Hernia Repair

  1. Who gets femoral hernia and how common is this diagnosis?
    This hernia is seen mostly in women. It is much less common than inguinal hernia occuring about one for every 20 inguinal hernias.
  2. How does this hernia present?
    Typically a small bulge below the groin crease. The bulge may reduce when flat and pop out upon standing or later in the day with exertion. It may cause discomfort but sometimes is painless.
  3. Why should this be repaired?
    Like many hernias, strangulation of intestine through the protrusion is possible.
  4. How soon can one exercise after repair?
    Usually, exercise can resume after one week. One should avoid abrupt return to strenous exercise. Heavy lifting should be delayed for 3 weeks.
  5. What is the typical plan for pain control and care of incision?
    Refer to Inguinal Hernia FAQ as the incisions and pain control for these operations are similar.

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