Umbilical Hernia FAQ Detroit

  1. If an umbilical hernia is small, does it still need surgery?
    Probably. Even a small defect or hernia can cause problems. Fixing a smaller hernia is generally easier than a larger hernia and almost all hernias gradually increase in size over time.
  2. What type of anesthesia is required?
    Depending on the patient’s particulars, some can be fixed with just local with mild sedation. Others may need general anesthesia.
  3. How soon can one exercise after repair ?
    Again, depends upon the size of the particular umbilical hernia but routine activites can resume the next day and strenous exercise in 2-3 weeks.
  4. What about pain after surgery?
    Some repairs are small and over the counter pain relief may suffice. Larger repairs may require prescription narcotics. Bruising and swelling is not uncommon after this procedure.