Ventral Hernia Detroit

Basics about Ventral Hernias

Ventral or abdominal wall hernias come in two major varieties, either Incisional Hernias or Primary Hernias.

Incisional hernias are the result of surgery which required opening the abdominal muscle layer and the closure, in time, has come apart.

Primary ventral hernias are less common but can occur.

Both usually present with a bulge. Intestine can become trapped in the bulge which is potentially dangerous. Most hernias increase in size with time so repair is recommended.

Both traditional surgery and laparoscopic surgery, and now robotic approaches are available. Your particular ventral hernia, its location, size, previous surgery, medical condition will help the surgeon determine the best choice for you. Usually, a mesh material is used to add strength to the repair. This can sometimes require admission to the hospital depending upon the scope of the repair.

Frequently Asked Questions