Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Detroit

The Newest Weight Loss Surgery

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The Laparoscopic GASTRIC SLEEVE procedure removes approximately 70 to 80 % of the stomach creating a narrow tube which in turn creates fullness and restricts intake of food, resulting in weight loss.

The procedure was devised around 2006 and has gained increased acceptance because of good results. Originally, it was part of another weight loss surgery called the duodenal switch (DS) or biliary-pancreatic diversion. Now, the SLEEVE portion of these procedures has been proven by itself to be an excellent alternative to RNY and Banding in a vast majority of patients.

Potential Advantages:
People are attracted to the fact no re routing of the intestine takes place with a Gastric Sleeve. There may be less vitamin and mineral deficiency issues as there is no malabsorption component. There is no foreign device that requires adjustments as in gastric banding. Technically, the procedure is easier to do than either banding or bypass and may result in a shorter hospital stay. Removal of 70 % of the stomach reduces hormones that cause hunger.

Potential Disadvantages:
Although weight loss results are usually better than banding, they are probably less than usually achieved with bypass. The long staple line along the stomach can leak. The body of the stomach is removed, gone forever, and not reversible although if weight loss is not good, RNY bypass can still be done.

Dr. Chengelis is very experienced in this procedure and understands the subtle difference in each patient to create a sleeve that is crafted to give you the best results possible.

Dr. Chengelis has done several Sleeves and the majority of patients are very pleased. Most patients enjoy a quick recovery. His increased experience with this procedure allows him to create a sleeve with less complications and better results.