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Since World War II, we live in a society where high caloric food is readily available and affordable. The result has been a steady climb in the body mass of people to the point where obesity is an epidemic. Over a third of Americans are clinically obese and a larger percentage of children are morbidly obese than ever before. Morbid obesity causes a multitude of health problems which cost society millions of dollars and individuals years of life.

Health Problems related to Morbid Obesity:

Diabetes. Excessive fatty tissue can cause a resistence to insulin. Years of diabetes can result in damage to nearly every organ in the human body. Loss of eyesight, loss of kidney function, vascular and heart disease are common examples.

Hypertension. High blood pressure damages the vascular system, heart, kidneys and can lead to stroke, loss of sight, heart attacks.

Sleep apnea. Excessive tissue in the throat causing blockage of the flow of air during sleep. This can be a very dangerous situation. People suffer from fatigue, headaches, irritability.

Reflux. Obese individuals often have increased abdominal pressure causing reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus which often is very damaging.

Arthritis. Osteoarthritis, damage to the joints, from excessive weight is accelerated by obesity. The need for knee replacement, chronic back pain is greatly increased.

Elevated Cholesterol, Lipids. Obesity is not the only cause of abnormal levels but frequently worsens this condition which leads to vascular disease, heart attacks, strokes.

Depression. As an individual’s obesity worsens, quality of life suffers and depression is common in this population.

Fatty Liver. Enlargement of the liver with fat storage can lead to liver damage, even cirrhosis.

Urinary Incontinence. Excessive weight and pressure cause the bladder to leak when stressed.

These are some of the common conditions, there are more. If you suffer from morbid obesity and some of the related problems above, surgery might be an option. Many of these problems are curable with bypass surgery.

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