COVID-19 Office Policy

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, PC,  in accordance with recommendations by the Surgeon General,  the CDC,  and Beaumont Health,  has stopped all elective surgery until resumption is cleared by these agencies. We feel strongly that social distancing in this time of potential rapid growth of the number of people infected by the Corona virus is the best course of action. This means seeing patients in the office will be drastically curtailed as well. New patients with elective surgical issues such as inguinal hernia, ventral hernia, bariatric surgery,  reflux surgery will not be seen at this time unless there is a significant need as we are unable to schedule your potential surgery anyway.   

We are hopeful this that this process ends in early May but in reality, no one really knows and we will update our policy as needed. This will minimize exposure to office workers and patients alike and we hope you understand the merits of this decision.   Likewise,  post operative patients will be seen only on a need to basis.Certainly, the office is available by phone and will address any concerns. 

If needed, an individual patient will be seen, but this will be determined on the phone.  We realize this is a drastic measure but we believe we all must do our part to significantly limit social contact in order to hopefully stop the rapid explosion of infected people, preserve resources and our ability to treat those who do become ill and need to be hospitalized.   

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the resolution of this challenge.


Dr. David Chengelis

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