Dr. David Chengelis has traveled each February of the past four years to remote areas of The Philippines to provide free surgeries to dozens of indigent patients.

The trip to Asia takes more than a day and the living conditions are rustic, but the gratitude of the people he helps is tremendously rewarding. A vast number of local people in desperate need of surgery flood the hospital during the week-long stay. Surgeries are performed from early in the morning until late at night.

There is no laparoscopic equipment so all surgeries are done via traditional open methods. Each day of the trip, Dr. Chengelis does several cholecystectomies, thyroidectomies, hernia repairs, cancer surgeries, and surgeries on children in need.

The group, Phil Am Medical Mission Foundation of Michigan is based in Troy, has several volunteers and depends upon the generosity of its benefactors to purchase supplies. It’s a complex endeavor to organize but done annually with love by its founder, Dr. Victoria Navarra. She has made more than 30 trips to her native homeland; a selfless demonstration of altruism.

If you’d like to help a worthy cause, donations to the group can be sent to:

Global Home Health Care
1883 E Maple Rd

Troy, MI 48083
Phone: 248-588-8881

Or check the link below for more information

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