Peru: Mercy Missions

The last week of April 2018, I ventured to Peru with Mercy Missions. We spent 4 days in the small town of Palpa performing some 70 surgeries for the locals. It was an honor to work with everyone involved with this mission. All were dedicated to helping others. Dr. Carl Pesta and Dr. Charles Mok worked tirelessly,  touching many people with their skill, charity, and kindness.

Joining them were several employees of Allure Medical Spa and McClaren Macomb Hospital, along with local health care professionals, who provided invaluable compassion and assistance. Despite the extreme humidity, heat and the availability of only minimal equipment, miracles happened.


The location was rural and the facility very basic with few amenities. Surgeries performed included: open cholecystectomies,  gallbladder removals from patients suffering from gallstones pain. Several hernia surgeries were also performed. Some patients had hernias that had progressed to near disabling sizes. We made a major impact in bettering the lives of these people.   

Post-operatively,  no narcotic medications were available, but our patients remained brave and grateful including the children.  (picture#5 here of mother with her little girl after hernia surgery). The Peruvian people treated us with great kindness. It was a humbling and rewarding experience.   

During our stay,  a precious 9-year-old girl was brought to the facility by her parents for new pain in her right lower abdomen. Instead of her having to make a two-hour drive for care, I performed an appendectomy for acute appendicitis, and she recovered the next day.   (picture#6 with girl) Needless to say, I will never forget her.

Locally,  Mercy Missions (website again,  they also have a Facebook page) is the work of Dr. Alfred Schneider.  This organization has done great work. I encourage anyone who is interested, to donate;  it will be money well spent.

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